15 Apr

Your Life is a series of peaks or plateau?

Peal or plateau, what’s your style?

Peak or Plateau? What’s your style? Life as a series of peaks with the inevitable troughs or the safer steady footing of a plateau? I’d like to break the boundaries of nature and dodge those troughs. To love without falling away from love, to be absorbed without becoming bored or burnt out, to be enthusiastic without becoming blasé, to get your GED without drama. But if I have to take the troughs I will. I certainly don’t want those bland plateaus.

  • Need it be our lot to fall victim to ennui?
  • Should we settle for satisfactory?
  • Does every Likert scale we complete inside our own heads register a 3 out of 5?
  • Is adulthood about loss of the enthusiasm and excitement and play of childhood?
  • Why do we calculate risk-benefit ratios before getting off the pot?

Should all adults be required to watch children for an hour a two a month? Sit and in silence observe the play without guile, the absorption and enthusiasm, the concentration, their innate democracy and fairness when in groups, the older looking out for the younger, the peals of excitement. Even the drama of the short-lived crying or tears.

The expression of such qualities in an adult is often viewed negatively by other adults. Lack of guile may be treated as naiveté, openness in communication as a lack of political skills, expressions of excitement and enthusiasm or disappointment as immaturity.

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26 Mar

Financial 404 Errors Are Expensive

No big news flash there, huh? Making a financial mistake by nature means it will cost you, but have you ever considered all the potential mistakes you could make and just how much they could be costing you? We make literally billions of dollars in mistakes every year. I’m not talking about bad financial habits, but about genuine, one-time (hopefully) bad moves. For example:

Late payments

Penalties and fees on credit card accounts topped $20 billion revcently. Simply missing a payment by one day can trigger additional charges just because of a foul up.

Unclaimed tax refund

Billions go unclaimed each year according to the IRS. Just for the 2011 filing year, the IRS is still holding over $1.3 billion. While not necessarily a “foul up” in the classical sense, failing to claim money that is owed to you is definitely a mistake. Read More

19 Feb

Challenges, Frustrations, Setbacks and Breakthroughs

I remember the first time I looked down a river with fast rapids and big rocks. I was about fifteen and scared to death. I had only been in a canoe a few times before that, but that was in a small, calm lake. This was a river right after the snow had melted. The water was fast.

It was the local canoe race they hold in my town every year. It’s sort of a big thing and everyone lines the bridges and streets along the river route to see the idiots in the river. I was going to run the face with a friend of mine and we were borrowing an old metal canoe that had more leaks in it than the Titanic. If you were to ask us then we would have both said it was going to be a piece of cake. Today, I am not ashamed to admit I was scared.

But I did it.

I went down the river. We flipped it three times. I was completely soaked. By the time we got to the finish line we were both cold, shivering, blue lips, and ecstatic. We finished and we survived.

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07 Dec

How to make your website content visible

When you create a new: Blog post, Video, Event. How many people are seeing your new content?


Is it a matter of publish and pray – wait to see if someone just happens to come across your blog or youtube channel, or do you have a strategy to make sure that your posts and updates are shared in the relevant places to give you maximum visibility and exposure online? Stay with me, and i will explain:

In recent years, internet and distance learning have become very popular. The digital revolution has brought us impressive new chances to fulfill our educational dreams. The advantages of online  programs are undisputed, and here are the most important reasons to go after an online degree. So just that you like my friend created a ranking of best GED schools. It’s a great stuff, right? Then what would you do?

If you do not have a strategy in place to ensure maximum visibility, you are most likely not seeing a whole host of views and interaction happening on your website/youtube channel and not getting seen by the right people, at the right time who are then going to interact with you, share your post with others.  And if that is not happening then you are potentially a well kept secret, instead of a well known expert. Read More

04 Nov

Should high school teachers be blogging?

I’m the educator, I teach in the high school and volunteer as the GED instructor and help people to get their GED diploma. When I began blogging, I had never even read a blog. I had no writing skills and I didn’t know I had anything worthwhile to say (sadly, I still lack both) but I knew that some things need to be said without being connected to the official school website, with a blog you can have the discussions with people from all over the world. This is the real benefit to school teachers who blog, or use Twitter, or participate in any type of Social Media.


Now, I have been speaking with a number of schools and education organisations this week about how blogs and social media can help them share knowledge, learn from others and develop a community.

But before I could explain any of that I had to show the difference between a website and a blog. Read More

02 Sep

How to enjoy the summer

If you’ve successfully passed your courses during the normal school year, you know what comes after that: summer. It’s the greatest time of the year. The sun is shining, the days are beautiful, and the nights are filled with fun. And if you think about it, how many more summers are you going to have to yourself before they are filled with 9am to 5pm work? In college, you might get an internship or something. So, are you wondering how to properly enjoy the summer?

Play “School’s Out” by Alice Cooper
This is mandatory for the first day of summer vacation. This needs to be blasting for the entire day to get yourself in the ‘I don’t have to do anything’ mood.

Get Other Good Summer Tunes
Make a nice CD with the following songs – Summer of ‘69 by Bryan Adams, Summer in the City by The Lovin’ Spoonful, California Girls by The Beach Boys, and Hot Fun in the Summertime by Sly and the Family Stone. Read More

09 Aug

How to promote a small business website and a blog

Commenting on blogs is a great way to gain exposure for your site, but are you getting the most benefit from your time? A good comment is going to send traffic to your site while a bad comment will get deleted or ignored. Follow these tips and you’ll be commenting like a pro.

Be part of the community

Don’t be a drive by commenter. Find top blogs in your industry and subscribe to their RSS feed, (tip make use of Feedly app) Make yourself a usual. Think Cheers, the TV show from the 80’s. Every time Norm walked through the door he got a hearty shout from the rest of the bar. He was popular because of his regular engaging conversation. Do the same!

Get a Gravatar

I’m really bad with names, and so are most people. But, I’ll never forget a face. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Gravatars they are user images that are tied to an email address. When you leave a comment with the email it posts your pic. Read More

01 Aug

How to use social media to get noticed and find clients

quantaSocial media has developed from a simple entity to communicate with friends into a mass communication tool for businesses and individuals alike. There are hundreds of businesses and individuals all looking for the same thing: to be heard.

It’s now become a full time job to comment, reply and communicate with bloggers, vloggers, tweets, FB status messages, forums, articles and so much more. The ways to communicate and get noticed are ever evolving. Even we can get overwhelmed (and we do this on a daily basis)!

So what are the three best ways to engage in order to get noticed?

1. Twitter

Twitter used to be simply about tweeting where you were and what you were doing through out the day. Now it’s about @’ing, retweeting and in general conversing. And that’s exactly what needs to be done. It’s perfectly fine to advertise yourself in between @’ing and retweeting, but no one will know you even exist if you don’t get your Twitter name out there. It’s suggested to send a friendly message to new followers. Read More

17 Jul

How reading a lot of blogs helps your business

I spend a great deal of time reading blogs within my niche and so should YOU!

Why the heck should I read blogs?!

Very good question! The answer comes in a few parts:

1. Authority

The more you read and comment on relevant blogs within your niche, the more you’ll be known as the authority. I have had many people message my on FB or send me a DM on Twitter because they saw my relevant and detailed reply to a particular blog post. They must have realized I knew what I was talking about since they decided to contact me, right? In this way i became a contributor to bestgedclasses.com website where I’m responsible for creating content that helps people get their GED.

2. Recognition

You might be thinking ‘authority’ and ‘recognition’ are the same thing, but they aren’t. Well, not totally. What I mean by recognition is when the owner of the blog themselves notices you and approaches you about one thing or anything. Maybe they want you to be a guest blogger, or cross promotion or maybe they want to elicit your services. Point is, if you can grab the attention of the owner of the blog, then you must have been leaving awesome comments! Read More

01 Jul

How to write a good text for your blog. Tip->nothing is new

as-and-bob-teamworkWe all know that to be successful you need to learn how to write copy, you need to discover how to really tap into your target audiences pain, show them you understand and offer them solutions.  It is all about capturing emotions and encouraging people to buy from you isn’t it?

Yes of course you want people to buy and yes of course you want to make money and, if you are a  great person with a great product or service, then you absolutely MUST get that message out there and help many others to achieve their dreams and create  succeess too.

And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that – because if you are in business, then you have a duty to help others with your products and services and you have a duty to yourself to make money too, because no money, no business!

But when does good marketing turn sour?  When does creating sales page become a matter of cloning yourself and becoming a copy of everyone else out there? Read More