Facebook Strategies [infographic]

I am a huge fan of using social media to create business, network, and communicate with readers.

I do, however, feel like some outlets work better than others depending on what your niche is. With a travel/location based niche like mine, I really think Facebook will work better.

Why Facebook:

Like I said up above, I think some niches work better on different types of Social Media. I think this is needed to help encourage “Likes” for the page when people land there and to promote the web site as well.

I still think I will get better response from Facebook for my new project, but won’t rule out any other avenues for promoting my newest project. Here found this useful infographic that summarize the Facebook Strategies.


Don’t forget offline meetings

 It happened so often that I get on the computer in the morning, drink a pot of coffee, maybe eat some breakfast, take a nap, get back on your computer where you stay until wee hours of the night. For what?

I fell victim to this for almost a year, I didn’t see the light of day and fell into some fairly deep depression because of it. Luckily, I have been through worse and came out the other side just fine, hell usually I am wiser and stronger!

Online Networking:

Yes, I am a huge fan of how you can network with people from around the world online. I network with people in Australia, England, Germany, Costa Rica, and many other countries.

I have made some great connections online, and continue to do so. I also have created plenty of business for both on and offline businesses through online networking. So, don’t get me wrong, but I think if you forget completely about good old fashioned face to face networking you could be missing out on a lot of new biz or biz opportunities!

Success red dart

Offline Networking:

Recently I talked about redirecting my online efforts to a new project, and this week I happened to be at the right place at the right time where someone needed help operating a new bisnesses here locally.

I was hanging out at my local meetup when a gal comes in to talk to the president of the meetup and she was face with a problem of needing to re-open his seasonal business, EducatetheUSA online GED classes and test during the summer holiday but his previous partnership had been abandoned…. next thing I know, we are sipping my favorite beer at a local bar and hatching a plan to open in 2 weeks!

I got this opportunity because I was away from my computer, out in public, networking with people LIVE and in their faces!

What did you do before all this social media blitz? How did you create business or income? If you are a product of this new era, let me explain:

Online Business:

Yes I am a huge proponent of building online business, I do it myself daily. But I come from a school of brick and mortar business.

As with any other business I get involved with, I will be working heavily with an SEO plan as well as a social media plan on this new venture. But my customers will deal with me in person! Yup! Imagine that, live people, with credit cards in there hands, wanting to purchase goods and services….. not online but live and in person.

Don’t forget to look for opportunities away from your computer screen! Wish me luck with my new venture. We restart the business offline to complement the GED online courses and test.!

Benefits of Hiring Virtual Assistant [infographic]

Virtual Assistant

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How to grow your business with a Virtual Assistant

kate-m-johnson1We talked with Kate from educate the usa.com  about her journey to becoming a successful online entrepreneur.

She’s a manager, a publisher, and a blogger, and we were talking about all the cool things that she is doing. She worked on a number of websites and you might say that she knows what she’s doing. She’s got multiple streams of income working for her and today we will talk how she has grown her business by hiring virtual assistants from the Philippines.

So Kate, thanks again for joining us today. What is your business about and what are the challenges?

EducatetheUsa.com is a website that lists most GED preparation classes and testing centers across America, we also review online GED courses. It means that our people sign up for the course and follow the lessons. We asked our VA to follow the online GED lessons and then write a short review.

 The GED program allows people without a high school diploma to obtain a comparable and generally accepted diploma. We have a huge database and new information is added almost every day. We also need to update the offered information in accordance with changing circumstances. Currently we list about 500 cities and their surrounding areas with an average of at least 10 GED preparation classes in each of them. Additionally, we review online GED classes, and if a new offer is on the market we take it for a “test drive”. We also scan the web for all sorts of new developments in education, psychology and personal development so we can help prospective students prepare for the GED test as stress free as possible.

It’s a very rewarding subject, but it requires a lot of work and we have a rather small team, so many times we worked too late and too much before we figured out that we need help. I heard a lot of good things about hiring virtual assistants from the Philippines so I tried a few websites that offer help in finding virtual assistants and, as you can guess, most of them turned out to be not helpful at all. But thanks to your website, today we work with two assistants from the Philippines, and we are very pleased with them.

I was able to outsource a lot of my own tasks and I went from working for 80 hours per week at my computer desk in my office to still working more than 50 hours per week, but only because I really like what I am doing, and now I am able to do all my things all over the place. Now I can work on my assignments more online, and I need to be in my office usually only two or three hours per day as opposed to nine or ten hours before.

As I said earlier, I started hiring my virtual assistants only two and a half months ago, but now I can already say that this has been a life changing experience for me. I guess that virtual assistants are not really the best solution for every company and for everybody, but if you want to expand your business while trying to save time and money, it might be the right ticket for you, and it will allow you to actually have more time for yourself. If your business is expanding rapidly, working with a virtual assistant or a web programmer or designer, is actually like dealing with an employee who is working under you. Finding the right assistants, and maximizing their efficiency has been really a life changing experience for me, and now I am able to do so many more other interesting things.


Writing an eBook with help from the VA

successMy name is Patricia,the owner of Kukri Planet and I employed a virtual assistant from the Philippines in order to help me develop my eBook about Kukri Knives. that I would like to offer for sale on Kindle. It was my plan  to produce a 50 pages ebook, and it would have already taken me hours, if not days, to design a cover, not forgetting all of the research and writing, formatting and so on. In my regular life I am a consultant, and I can charge anything between $300 to $500 per hour depending on my customer, so this gives you an idea the amount of money that I might be earning by doing something else, my regular job.

Consequently I planned to outsource the majority of these assignments. Doing all these tasks to get the book ready would have taken me many, many hours, and to be honest, I’m not an expert in graphic design or anything anything else in that field. Fortunately I found 2 VA, and throug them a good graphic designer. I literally (but of course virtually), handed him a number of pictures and graphics that I wanted to be used in the book, but actually I only gave him a concept, not even an image. I gave him the concept for the front cover and I provided him with an idea of the content. That was all he had, the written content in a few words, and a single image for the looks. The probably most important leveraging side of any entrepreneur is the factor time, and by hiring somebody who can do all these tasks for me, the idea is that I have a lot of time for my actual work, and that is bringing me my income.

Money is something you can actually make, whereas time, once you’ve spent it, is gone forever. As a business person you need to ensure that you leverage your time properly. Regardless whether you operate an online or an offline business, you must manage your time effectively and that includes everything from dealing with your email to either outsourcing tasks to employees. The time managing factor ultimately is the absolute number one priority for just about any entrepreneur. I still look at plenty of business people struggling with this, and this is just a waste as these days you really don’t need to. We entrepreneurs are just a strange breed, and some of us clearly believe that we can do a lot of things by ourselves. In fact it really comes down to what we feel we should be doing, instead of that we could be doing.


VA helps creating infoproducts

pettitskirt-agaMy Name is Aga, my website is spodniczkitutu.pl, it is a website about creating perfect girls’ apparel collections. I am also an infopreneur and I make money by creating infoproducts and sometimes selling physical products that I buy in China. When I first started out I thought I should and could do everything, and I did everything by myself. I learned how to work with wordpress, and I learned how to code.

I’m really not an expert at coding but I learned how to do that all on my own. Looking back I wasted a ton of time and time is money especially in this business. Looking back I really wish I knew about virtual assistants which is kind of why we’re bring this podcast out and explaining exactly what they are for those who don’t know what they are. It took me two and a half months to finish an eBook that was already 95% written.

When I came out with my eBook. I was just using the same content that was on the site which like I said 95% of it was done. Most of it was just researching the topic of little girls dressing, writing and then formatting, formatting the eBook in Adobe Professional and adding graphics to it. If I would have had someone on board to do it just that it would have been done in a week. In fact I wasted an extra two months of income, and at that time I was earning $20,000 or $30,000 a month.

Even if I would have been spending $1000 to get the eBook done, i would have been okay, as I was making that in a day. I should have gotten it up sooner, but just like anything else, this is a learning experience. I can only look back and kick myself for not doing it much sooner but now I feel like I’m in the right place where I have a virtual assistant, a programmer, who I can go to say hey my website, I want to move this over here, can you just do this for me. When I wake up the job is done overnight, it’s all done for me, and that is a beautiful thing. Now we have seen what VA’s (virtual assistants) are, and what they can do for you.

We kind of talked about it a little briefly, about what they can do for us. You know exactly who is my audience and what they do. With what kind of things can a virtual assistant help my particular audience, you think.

 I use Asana for project management and I love Dropbox, I could not work without these tools.

VA manages online properties

fionaMy name is Fiona I have many websites, my recent project is awesome brands, a website where I feature some of the best brands.. 

 it’s a website about and a lot of work in creating my online empire is very, very time consuming. One of the things that keeps me busy is keyword research is one of them. Actually I got  addicted to keyword research because it is fun but it takes up so much time….You can spend weeks doing keyword research and consider thousands of keywords looking for the golden one, and still having issues with finding the righ ones. I have a lot of searches but relatively low amounts of competition in the first page of Google.

It was taking me too much of my time, and I was spending hours each day going through different keywords, looking at relative keywords and going through the search numbers. It’s a very scientific method for those of you who don’t know, but it is something that you can outsource because it’s all based on numbers.

So I decided to employ a Virtual Assistant tohelp me with my research. I provide the criteria that I want to be used for finding keywords, and let my Virtual Assistant go at it and come back to me in a week or two days depending on the list of things that meet those criteria.

Then I go from there and build a website. So the virtual assistant does the keyword research, even registering domain names, tracking down and comparing hosting companies, and looking for blog things. Tweeting those blog things, testing different graphic designers out, even order a logo through 99designs.com.

Then my virtual assistant sets up social media campaigns for me and run them. Again these are all things that probably I’d do myself but if we can outsource that work to our virtual assistants and focus on the things that are a lot more important to us, we can spend more time with our families. That is right at the top of my priority list, and I better focus on marketing and selling my business than running it. I don’t run my company. I get people to do that for me. I market it and I sell it. That’s what I do.

There are certain things that I would not outsource like writing posts for my website. Research is a different story and can be outsourced, but the actual content always comes from me.


VA helps her with research

logo-webHi, my name is Lindsey, and together with my partner I operate a small website, mackmo. Our site is concentrating listing MBA programs and on interviewing mostly MBA professors. This means that I need to do quite some homework before I can interview one of these education leaders. It takes a lot of time to research each of these persons, and I need to learn everything about the school they lead and how they do that. At times I am required to read more than 30 pages. I had the assumption that by using the services of a virtual assistant I would be sort of cloning myself, and that I could allow myself to really work every day for 24 hours because the person I work with is from the Philippines: when I’m working he is sound asleep and vice versa.

My Filipino VA (virtual (online) assistant) is called Micheal, and he really is amazing. When I get out of bed most of the basic work has been done, and I can focus on my interviews for the rest of the day. My virtual assistant has seriously influenced my life in a most positive way.

For those who are thinking about starting to work with a VA, I want to explain how they can seriously maximize the output from their virtual assistant and how they can keep this important relationship strong.

Everybody considering the help of a VA should understand what sort of work a specific VA can do, and how this can benefit you. Nowadays the idea of a VA is so much broader accepted than seven or eight  years ago when the phenomenon first started to hit the market. It is fair to say that initially Tim Ferriss made the Virtual Assistant into an enormous phenomenon with his book The Four Hour Work Week, but these people had been doing this kinds of jobs already long before he published that book. We should acknowledge that a Virtual Assistant is something totally different that a Personal Assistant (PA).

A VA works entirely online, interaction goes by using the internet, and you cannot just send your VA out to get your office supplies, pick up your dry cleaning or ask him to make you a cup of coffee. So to speak, a VA is not at arms’ length. But the phenomenon of the VA has gradually been accepted, and they can perform all kinds of assignments. Sure many people have objection to hiring the virtual assistant but it’s understandable too.

They can be very helpful when it comes to SEO work, and the creation of content for your sites is something that can be outsourced very well. They can help you with social media, niche research, optimization of your pages and all that kind of work. The term Virtual Assistant today implies that you can hire somebody online to do all the work that you don’t necessarily need to do by yourself, allowing you to concentrate on what you are best at. To everybody thinking about employing a Virtual Assistant I would say: go ahead, get some good advice, and hire assistance that you will greatly profit from.