3 Proven Facebook Advertising Tips

Online advertising has grown by leaps and bounds in the past few years. While Google really helped to push the advertising area over the internet, the newest entry is Facebook. Advertising agencies are recognizing that Facebook is very good when it comes to marketing to various niche audiences and demographics. In this article, we will uncover 3 effective Facebook marketing suggestions that can help you during your campaign.

You should work on monitoring your ad campaigns on Facebook carefully. When they first begin marketing on Facebook, people start to realize that performance goes down over time. What makes this occur? It is mostly due to the fact that the price that you pay to contact your targeted users on Facebook goes up over time. Generally, this means that the ones that click first are usually the ones that respond to most of the ads.

So, once you are ready to move on from the first group, it will cost more money to reach the others. This is why you should monitor the click-through rate of your ad on a regular basis. Watch to see what your ad’s click through rate is going to be. When you start to see the performance dwindle, switch your ad or change your target group. Truthfully, every ad has a lifespan and after this lifespan, they are not effective. So in order to increase this lifespan and keep getting more out of your ads and lower your budget, this step is necessary to apply.

Naturally, ad copy plays a huge role in any advertisement, and that is one thing you must test. It’s not 100% about ad copy, but the percentage is great. You have to find a way to make your ads distinctive from all the others. Much about Facebook advertising is knowing how to write excellent classified type ads that convert. Never leave out explicit statements to click, learn more, read more, etc.

The thing about copywriting and that’s all this is that it is critical to have a call to action whereby you are directly commanding, sort of, people to take an action. Do your market research and talk to your target audience in the words they will know and recognize. If you can write ads that convert to a newspaper, then you can write ads that convert at Facebook because the principles are the same. Just keep in mind that your success will reflect on the efforts you put into it.

Then there are what’s called engagement ads for the homepage. This will require a budget of course; meaning, you’ll have to pay a bit for it. If you wanted to run a marketing video, then you can do that with this ad space. But remember, these ads are expensive, so you need to be careful and plan out everything beforehand. If you work with interns, read this post as well as there are so many benefits.

Of course, there are more Facebook marketing tips around, as usual, but these will definitely get you going in the right direction if you use them. Always remember that you should optimize your campaigns by testing everything you do, and that includes your ads, of course.