How to make your website content visible

When you create a new: Blog post, Video, Event. How many people are seeing your new content?

Is it a matter of publish and pray – wait to see if someone just happens to come across your blog or Youtube channel, or do you have a strategy to make sure that your posts and updates are shared in the relevant places to give you maximum visibility and exposure online? Stay with me, and I will explain:

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If you do not have a strategy in place to ensure maximum visibility, you are most likely not seeing a whole host of views and interaction happening on your website/youtube channel and not getting seen by the right people, at the right time who are then going to interact with you, share your post with others.  And if that is not happening then you are potentially a well-kept secret, instead of a well-known expert.

I see so many small business owners who have a great website with an amazing blog, full of valuable content and shares and yet they are not seeing much success for their business, very few visitors to their blog and almost no views on their Youtube videos.  And the reason for this is the lack of robust strategy for content dissemination and promotion.

If this sounds like you, now is the time to take a step back and spend some time looking at how you can get your information and valuable content out to the right places, at the right time, to be seen by the right people and to do this all you need is a simple plan:

[fruitful_dbox] Know who your target audience is and where they hang out [/fruitful_dbox]Make sure your articles and videos address a pain/problem that your target audience have and offer a solution, something that they can take away and put into use right now fo themselves.

Create a sharing plan for every post/video and make sure that you are sharing your information on every network and platform that your potential audience will be hanging out.

When you are sharing it is not about simply sharing the link with a – hey you gotta go read this title on it, but that you share the link back to your blog/video with an explanation of WHY someone should go take a look at what you are offering, what is the benefit to them and give them a clear call to action to

  • Click the plus one button if you enjoyed this article/video
  • Please share with others
  • If you enjoyed this post please add a comment below
  • Tell me your thoughts – do you agree with this information

Those are just a few ideas of calls to action you can give your potential readers/viewers.

[fruitful_dbox] People respond and engage more if you tell them what’s in if for me  [/fruitful_dbox]

(ie your readers/viewers), help them solve a problem and then tell them what to do next (comment, share, plus one your post/video)

Make sure that you have the relevant social share buttons installed on your website to make it as easy and quick for your viewers to take that action for you.

When someone adds a comment or leaves a response on your video or blog make absolutely sure that you take the time to reply to their comment and thank them for visiting and sharing your content.  This little step is often the one that people miss out and yet it can be one of the most powerful steps because people like to feel appreciated and that you are taking notice of them, that it matters to you if people enjoy your content.  All too often I see comments left on a blog or video and the creator just never bothers to reply – when this happens people will STOP bothering to place comments and share for you because if you don’t care why should they.

Good luck with raising your visibility and getting your articles and videos in front of more people and seeing better results.

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