Ask for an Internship-it Worked for Me

So, like any normal 20 something who spent their days waiting tables, pulling shots, mixing drinks, folding clothes, any of the mundane jobs, that are loathed by everyone who once filled those shoes yet function as an essential part of our society, I spent a lot of time on Craigslist trolling posts that could potentially save me from the repetitive, dead-endness that is my job. But there’s another way. Just ask for an internship-it worked for me!

I used to do this the painstakingly hard way, which involved going through every single post that had an interesting title, which usually yielded very little results and left me feeling very worthless.

I’ve since gotten smarter about it because I set up a feed in my reader that targets things that interest me and match my education and skill level and may even allow me to get out of my parent’s house. Idk, if it’s because some of the jobs I’ve applied to are in Seattle and I’m obviously not there, but I haven’t really heard back from anymore…sad!

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Why Hire A Virtual Assistant?

A lot of business owners are still debating on whether or not they should hire a virtual assistant. They think that the processes can be easily done by anyone so hiring a virtual assistant is unnecessary. So why hire a Virtual Assistant?

What they do not know is that virtual assistants can bring in lots of benefits. Here are some of them.

1. Virtual Assistants Will Give You More Time to Do Other Things

As your business grows, you will need to organize things and you cannot do that if you are still doing the dirty work. For an online business, for instance, promoting the website can be a bit bothersome and will eat too much time.

If you find yourself pressed for time, then try hiring a virtual assistant. It is like having someone do the job for you at a fraction of what you are paid to do.

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What should a writer do prior to drafting a thesis statement?

What is a thesis statement?

A thesis statement introduces the reader to the research topic. It is like an introduction, but even more concise. It focuses on what is to be achieved in the research, and what are the highlights of your research. So what should a writer do prior to drafting a thesis statement for a research paper?

So a thesis statement is a trailer to the main work that you have done. It provides the reader glimpses of your work and ignites their interest so that go through the details of your work. Virtual Assistants are expected to understand this well and know this knowledge to support their employers.

As you will have understood by now, the statement is one of the most important parts of your research paper. You must invest some time and energy into crafting it. There are some things, some guidelines, and tips that can help you improve your thesis. You do not need to abide by them, but take what you can from them and you will surely benefit.

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Social Media Virtual Assistant

Call To Action

First of all, Happy New Year to everyone in general (though I realize I’m pretty late with that as January is practically over), and all Virtual Assistants in particular. I hope 2019 will prove to be even better than last year and please, stay healthy!

When I first started working as a social media virtual assistant, I really didn’t see why it was necessary to have a call to action on my posts. Yet I knew that my employer knew things I did not know. I think the reason I did not feel it was important at the time was I did not understand what a call to action really was or how it worked.

A call to action is when you ask someone to do something or interact with you. It might be a question you want them to answer. Like what are your plans for the weekend? Or tell me do you agree with this and why? Another way to do a call to action is to ask the reader to click the like button or share if you are on Facebook or please retweet (RT) on Twitter.

The reason you want to add a call to action is to get the person seeing your page to form a relationship with you. They respond to a CTA (call to action) question and then you might comment or like what they said. You are building a relationship with them.

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Virtual Assistant Resume – How to stay successful

At first, many people start working as virtual assistants for the simple fact that it’s one of the very few lucrative jobs that let you work and earn in the comforts of your own home. Well, to stay successful, read on and learn more about your Virtual Assistant Resume.

This means that you get to spend more time with your family in between because you save on travel time that would have otherwise been spent going to and fro the office.

In the first few days as a virtual assistant, everything seems so fine. You get the feel of being able to work in your pajamas with breakfast or lunch on the side.

But later on, as you get really into the virtual assistant lifestyle you start getting more and more work. You either hoarding way too many projects to handle or clients come to you on an indefinite basis, keeping on your virtual assistant toes 24/7.

What happens is that instead of getting the chance to spend more time with your family you end up getting less free time than a regular job. Here are some tips to make sure you get a regular dose of rest and recreation. So here is some advise:

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Virtual Assistant Certification and Salary Potential

Being a virtual assistant or a VA as it is called is an interesting proposition. I say interesting because; it lets you be a master of yourself. You will have to plan your job and execute the job so it’s important to learn more about Virtual Assistant Certification and Salary potential.

It allows you to be like an entrepreneur without the risks involved. That makes it all the more attractive. So let’s look at the Virtual Assistant salary possibilities. Let me give you more details after this video where a VA explains her work.

Every virtual assistant works for someone or other. Most often they are on a regular pay scale as if they are working at an office. But then, they will be working from the comfort of their homes. You get your salary every month as if you have walked in and worked at an office.

You will be able to take care of all those minor chores that you need to. At the same time, complete all your office responsibilities either during the daytime or when you are free in the night.

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Hire a Social Media Virtual Assistant

The fastest way to get burnt out is to do everything. You know this. You probably say this to your clients. But then in the pressures of working a solo practice, you might feel like a one-armed bandit trying to see clients, pay bills, change light bulbs, write articles, plan strategy…and still try to leave the office to see your family. You may want to see if it’s wise to hire a Social Media Virtual Assistant.

You may have fallen prey to the pain of self-employment and running a personal practice. If you’re trying to do everything, then you won’t be doing the things you are especially strong in.

Best bet for your practice: focus on your strengths and hire out all other positions. Your social media activities may very well be done by a virtual assistant which will leave you more time to focus on what you’re really good at.

If you haven’t taken one of the online profiles to determine your strengths, you’ll enjoy doing this today. I took one and it was spot on. Kind of wild especially considering these are self-assessment profiles but it felt like someone had gotten inside how I’m wired.

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Virtual Assistant Training and Leadership

One of the hallmarks of good leadership is the charisma of the leader. The former US president is an excellent example of one such charismatic leader. Let us briefly examine the working style of a charismatic leader. He worked quite a bit with virtual assistants and understood the importance of Virtual Assistant Training and Leadership.

Charisma actually refers to an attitude of enthusiasm and optimism that is contagious. It results in giving the person concerned an aura of leadership. It also refers to the appeal or attractiveness that the audience perceives in the speaker. In simple terms, the charisma of a leader is a reflection of his personality.

At the same time, the term personality is quite a vague term that has a multitude of ramifications. It refers to the total appearance and behavior of a person as well as certain specific aspects of a person like his sense of commitment or his degree of honesty.

In fact, the term personality is derived from the Greek term persona which means a mask. Thus a personality can be as much revealing as it can hide the real nature of the person concerned.

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Virtual Assistant Resume and Skills

Virtual Assistant services include project management, customer relationship management, customized e-mail marketing campaigns, research and analysis, productivity enhancement, reporting, presentations, word processing, and other virtual office services. Virtual Assistant Resume and Skills are key elements.

So in general, Virtual Assistant Skills should include well-rounded organizational and communication competencies as well as a high level of computer- and keyboarding competencies. So let’s dig a little deeper in the Virtual Assistant Resume and Skills.

Additionally, the services of a virtual assistant may include small business web design and web hosting including your website’s redesign and web maintenance. So well-developed designing and affinity with the world of online communications and practices are absolutely required.

Generally, virtual assistants provide all types of outsourced administrative support and internet services for small and medium-sized businesses, business travelers, and entrepreneurs. Many entrepreneurs use these services for special projects, or to provide an off-site supplement to their staff when needed.

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Virtual Assistant Training – Seven Productivity Tips

Virtual assistants are essentially project managers. They handle multiple clients, with varying, diverse, and evolving needs. We work from their home offices, so they are inclined to use breaks as an opportunity to catch up on chores around the house or yard. So here, we’ll look a little more into the subject of Virtual Assistant Training – Seven Productivity Tips.

Some of them are moms, who enjoy tagging along on a class field trip or taking the kids to the swimming pool on “no-school” days. And that’s just the daytime hours! Evenings have a schedule all their own.

All this juggling, combined with the all-to-readily-available distractions in the home (hmm, let’s go take a look in the fridge), can create a disaster if you are not armed and ready. Here are seven simple, yet highly effective habits, that help the virtual assistant stay focused and be more productive.

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