Virtual Assistant Salary

Being a virtual assistant or a VA as it is called is an interesting proposition. I say interesting because; it lets you be a master of yourself. You will have to plan your job and execute the job. It allows you to be like an entrepreneur without the risks involved. That makes it all the more attractive. So let’s look at the Virtual Assistant salary possibilities. Let me give you more details after this video where a VA explains her work.

Every virtual assistant works for someone or other. Most often they are on a regular pay scale as if they are working at an office. But then, they will be working from the comfort of their homes. You get your salary every month as if you have walked in and worked at an office. You will be able to take care of all those minor chores that you need to. At the same time, complete all your office responsibilities either during the daytime or when you are free in the night.

Why should a company allow you to work from home and pay a salary? Why should they give you freedom of choice? Is it that you alone gain and the company does not?

No, the company also stands to gain a lot. You do not make use of the infrastructure in the company. You do not make use of the office facilities for your working. That is a major saving for most of the companies.

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Social Media Virtual Assistant

The fastest way to get burnt out is to do everything. You know this. You probably say this to your clients. But then in the pressures of working a solo practice, you might feel like a one-armed bandit trying to see clients, pay bills, change light bulbs, write articles, plan strategy…and still try to leave the office to see your family. You may want to see if it’s wise to hire a Social Media Virtual Assistant.

You may have fallen prey to the pain of self-employment and running a personal practice. If you’re trying to do everything, then you won’t be doing the things you are especially strong in.

Best bet for your practice: focus on your strengths and hire out all other positions. Your social media activities may very well be done by a virtual assistant which will leave you more time to focus on what you’re really good at.

If you haven’t taken one of the online profiles to determine your strengths, you’ll enjoy doing this today. I took one and it was spot on. Kind of wild especially considering these are self-assessment profiles but it felt like someone had gotten inside how I’m wired.

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Virtual Assistant and Leadership

One of the hallmarks of good leadership is the charisma of the leader. The former US president is an excellent example of one such charismatic leader. Let us briefly examine the working style of a charismatic leader. He worked quite a bit with virtual assistants and understood the importance of a Virtual Assistant and Leadership.

Charisma actually refers to an attitude of enthusiasm and optimism that is contagious. It results in giving the person concerned an aura of leadership. It also refers to the appeal or attractiveness that the audience perceives in the speaker. In simple terms, the charisma of a leader is a reflection of his personality.

At the same time, the term personality is quite a vague term that has a multitude of ramifications. It refers to the total appearance and behavior of a person as well as certain specific aspects of a person like his sense of commitment or his degree of honesty. In fact, the term personality is derived from the Greek term persona which means a mask. Thus a personality can be as much revealing as it can hide the real nature of the person concerned.

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Virtual Assistant Resume and Skills

Virtual Assistant services include project management, customer relationship management, customized e-mail marketing campaigns, research and analysis, productivity enhancement, reporting, presentations, word processing, and other virtual office services. So in general, Virtual Assistant Skills should include well-rounded organizational and communication competencies as well as a high level of computer- and keyboarding competencies. So let’s dig a little deeper in the Virtual Assistant Resume and Skills.

Additionally, the services of a virtual assistant may include small business web design and web hosting including your website’s redesign and web maintenance. So well-developed designing and affinity with the world of online communications and practices are absolutely required.

Generally, virtual assistants provide all types of outsourced administrative support and internet services for small and medium-sized businesses, business travelers, and entrepreneurs. Many entrepreneurs use these services for special projects, or to provide an off-site supplement to their staff when needed.

Virtual Assistant can create and maintain your WordPress blog

Bright, uncomplicated and professional virtual support for your WordPress blog is as close as your mouse or keyboard! Use an eco-friendly virtual assistant service to help you:

  • Install a WordPress blog
  • Set up hosting for your WordPress blog
  • Create or maintain a MySQL database
  • Direct a domain name to your blog
  • Install WordPress plugins and widgets on your blog
  • Back up your WordPress blog
  • Maintain your RSS feeds
  • Manage your online reputation
  • Email blog posts as newsletters
  • Add images to your blog
  • Connect with social media
  • Monitor performance metrics and stats using tools such as Google Analytics
  • Customize your WordPress blog template

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Virtual Assistant Training – Seven Productivity Tips

Virtual assistants are essentially project managers. They handle multiple clients, with varying, diverse, and evolving needs. We work from their home offices, so they are inclined to use breaks as an opportunity to catch up on chores around the house or yard. So here, we’ll look a little more into the subject of Virtual Assistant Training – Seven Productivity Tips.

Some of them are moms, who enjoy tagging along on a class field trip or taking the kids to the swimming pool on “no-school” days. And that’s just the daytime hours! Evenings have a schedule all their own.

All this juggling, combined with the all-to-readily-available distractions in the home (hmm, let’s go take a look in the fridge), can create a disaster if you are not armed and ready. Here are seven simple, yet highly effective habits, that help the virtual assistant stay focused and be more productive.

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Improve Your Business – Some Surprising Ways

On the spur of the moment, several weeks ago, I decided to sign the Hubs and me up for a parenting course. Nearing completion of the 6-week program, I’ll admit on our collective behalf, it’s been a challenge keeping up with the weekly reading and homework, along with the multitude of other household happenings. Chicken noodle soup from a package for supper? Perfect when you are trying to read the last few pages in the assigned chapter, fill out a workbook page, and coach piano practice, simultaneously. What this has got to do with how you can improve your business? Just read on.

So while I was vacuuming the basement last weekend, I had time all to myself to think about the strategies we are learning in the course, and how they are working for our family dynamics…you might be wondering what that’s got to do with boosting our business. Quite possibly, everything. Read on…

The parenting course is all about dealing with children: bringing out their best, communicating better, and improving our relationships with them. During my session of sucking the cat hair out of the carpet, it struck me that all of the techniques we are learning in the course can be applied in business relationships and will have an equally positive effect!

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3 Proven Facebook Advertising Tips

Online advertising has grown by leaps and bounds in the past few years. While Google really helped to push the advertising area over the internet, the newest entry is Facebook. Advertising agencies are recognizing that Facebook is very good when it comes to marketing to various niche audiences and demographics. In this article, we will uncover 3 effective Facebook marketing suggestions that can help you during your campaign.

You should work on monitoring your ad campaigns on Facebook carefully. When they first begin marketing on Facebook, people start to realize that performance goes down over time. What makes this occur? It is mostly due to the fact that the price that you pay to contact your targeted users on Facebook goes up over time. Generally, this means that the ones that click first are usually the ones that respond to most of the ads.

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Affiliate Marketing

An affiliate marketing business allows an individual or website owner to partner with a merchant or product owner and to make sales on the merchant’s behalf.

When doing research on home-based businesses or internet opportunities working out of your home as an affiliate marketing business is one of the easiest and most simple opportunities to take advantage of on the internet.

Most of the time there is no charge to be an affiliate with a company, which relates to not much overhead expenses or financial risk involved for the affiliate.

There is no sales experience necessary and most likely the affiliate marketing programs you choose will provide you with the marketing materials necessary for your promotions, from e-mail swipes, banners, site graphics, and links.

Another huge benefit owning an affiliate marketing business is that you do not face the problems of owning a brick and mortar business, you do not need to stock inventory, order product or ship the product to clients.

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Why CTR is important and how to increase it

One of my favorite scenes in the “Star Wars” trilogy comes from “The Empire Strikes Back.” Luke Skywalker runs into a difficult challenge while training under the Jedi master Yoda, and he ultimately fails to use the Force to his advantage. Yoda’s advice to Luke is somewhat cryptic but sound. “Unlearn,” says Yoda. “You must unlearn what you have learned.”

Luke was having trouble using the Force to lift his X-Wing fighter out of the swamp in which he had crash-landed. His preconceived notions concerning the heavy weight of the spacecraft were what ultimately caused him to fail. In telling Luke to “unlearn,” Yoda was giving Luke some good advice: Don’t let your past experiences and preconceptions hold you back.

Sometimes I feel as if the online advertising industry needs Yoda more than it needs traditional advertising veterans who try to make Internet-advertising success measurement fit into preconceived models that are better suited to traditional media. While I do feel that Internet advertising needs to take its rightful place next to television, print, radio, and other media as a valuable component of a marketer’s media mix, I don’t think it’s wise to try to force its measurement into a model that is many years older than the Internet itself.

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How Your AdWords Ad Position Can Improve Your Profit Margins

Everyone knows an ad at the top of the results page gets a better click-through-rate than one lower down. But, ask yourself this question; is the top AdWords ad position always the one that brings in most sales?

Just think about it, you are paying premium bid prices to keep your ad at the top of the results page. You pay because the top position gets you the most traffic. But, what if you could have the same or even more sales at a lower ad position?

Of course, everyone knows a lower ad position means less to pay in bids. And, it is a well-known fact that lower ad positions attract fewer visitors. But, fewer visitors does not always mean fewer sales and less profit.

Once you try your ads in different positions on the results page and see the results you may be surprised at what you find out.

Track Your Ads With Google Analytics

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