¤ How to create viral stories

As quickly as social media and the internet is changing, it’s no secret that news changes just as quickly. A news story can go viral within a day if it’s swapped between social media mediums as quickly as some have. Kind of like how Ted Williams’ story transformed him from homeless into overnight success story in…well…overnight!

So it makes sense that when something is going viral or when something is trending on Twitter or Google and when you see something being retweeted or shared constantly, it’s a good idea to jump on that story while it’s hot.

Readers will actually get irate if a popular news source is ‘late’ in reporting a viral news story.

For example, CNN had first reported on Ted Williams about 2 days after it had already gone viral and he had already gotten an offer to appear on The Today Show. There were comments on CNN’s news report that said something along the lines of , “Way to be 2 days behind Facebook, CNN”.

It’s important to jump on any topic that you see is or might be going viral immediately. Not only does it help you seem as if you’re ‘in the know’ when it comes to important topics, but you can also capitalize on the viral news story and bring traffic to your website.

As long as you report on the news story and give it some sort of personal touch, it won’t look as if you’re just writing about the news story just to get new visitors. You’ll be writing about the news story because it has some relevance to you and what you do.

Of course it depends on the news story and it’s important to be picky and not write about every single viral news story.

Sounds like a win/win, right?

“Commit! Don’t Quit! You will be surprised how far you make it!”

These are words to live by! We’re even considering placing the above image and quote all across our walls here so we can be reminded of this daily. Especially now-a-days since there are dozens of entrepreneurs sprouting almost everyday. It’s OK not to be hoppin’ and hot right away. The best struggles in life are the most rewarding.

A popular statistic shows that most new businesses won’t make a profit for at least three years. Though this statistic has changed a bit since most web-based businesses can get started with a lower start-up.

No matter how much money you use to start your business with, the saying stays true. Sometimes you may not find instant success but that doesn’t mean that you won’t find success three-five months down the line.

It’s extremely easy to get discouraged. However, if you stay the course, continue your marketing efforts, both online and off, and continually pound the pavement for new prospects, you will be successful.