How To Benefit From AdWords With Google Analytics

If you’re not monitoring all your AdWords statistics, then you are probably wasting a huge proportion of your advertising budget. I’m not just talking about the number of clicks your ads get each day and their click-through-rate or Quality Score. These are important, but they are not all the statistics you need to be measuring in order to run a successful AdWords campaign.

If you want your AdWords account to reach its full potential, you need to make fully informed decisions, which means tracking every transaction on your website from the first click on your ad to the last click on your order form.

Probably the best tool for doing this is Google Analytics. Check out this video that has some useful advice:

Surprisingly it’s free, integrates seamlessly with your AdWords account and will provide you with a wealth of useful information that will allow you to optimize your campaign and website.

A good example would be how you can use Google Analytics to monitor traffic to your website from your organic search engine listings as well as your paid listings. This can be a very useful source for new keywords that you’d not previously considered.

And just because an ad has a good click-through-rate, doesn’t mean that it is actually generating any sales or providing you with useful leads. Google Analytics can track your prospects as they move through your website and help you to identify the exact keywords that are most profitable for you.

Another excellent example of how you can use Google Analytics to improve your sales process is to monitor the bounce rate of all your web pages. If any page has a particularly high bounce rate, then it might be an indication that the page is not providing the right information that your prospects want to see.

Every online retailer knows that you have to pay particular attention to your conversion pages. Google Analytics can also help you to identify problems in your sales pipeline that you may not currently appreciate exist.

For all these reasons and a whole lot more, you must have Google Analytics installed on your website to get the best value for money from your AdWords advertising.

How To Get Started With Google Analytics

At first, installing Google Analytics may seem to some as a daunting task. But in reality, defining your goals and insetting the few snippets of code into your website is easy and could take less than 30 minutes of your time!

The easiest way to install Google Analytics is to follow the detailed instructions that Google provide.