Online Networking vs Offline Networking which is better?

 It happened so often that I get on the computer in the morning, drink a pot of coffee, maybe eat some breakfast, take a nap, get back on your computer where you stay until wee hours of the night. For what?

I fell victim to this for almost a year, I didn’t see the light of day and fell into some fairly deep depression because of it. Luckily, I have been through worse and came out the other side just fine, hell usually I am wiser and stronger!

Online Networking:

Yes, I am a huge fan of how you can network with people from around the world online. I network with people in Australia, England, Germany, Costa Rica, and many other countries.

I have made some great connections online, and continue to do so. I also have created plenty of business for both on and offline businesses through online networking. So, don’t get me wrong, but I think if you forget completely about good old fashioned face to face networking you could be missing out on a lot of new biz or biz opportunities!

Offline Networking:

Recently I talked about redirecting my online efforts to a new project, and this week I happened to be at the right place at the right time where someone needed help operating a new business here locally.

I was hanging out at my local meetup when a gal comes in to talk to the president of the meetup and she was faced with a problem of needing to re-open his seasonal business during the summer holiday but his previous partnership had been abandoned…. next thing I know, we are sipping my favorite beer at a local bar and hatching a plan to open in 2 weeks!

I got this opportunity because I was away from my computer, out in public, networking with people LIVE and in their faces!

What did you do before all this social media blitz? How did you create business or income? If you are a product of this new era, let me explain:

Online Business:

Yes, I am a huge proponent of building online business, I do it myself daily. But I come from a school of brick and mortar business.

As with any other business, I get involved with, I will be working heavily with an SEO plan as well as a social media plan for this new venture. But my customers will deal with me in person! Yup! Imagine that, live people, with credit cards in their hands, wanting to purchase goods and services….. not online but live and in person.

Don’t forget to look for opportunities away from your computer screen! Wish me luck with my new venture. We restart the business offline to complement the GED online courses and test.!