How to use social media to get noticed and find clients

Social media has developed from a simple entity to communicate with friends into a mass communication tool for businesses and individuals alike. There are hundreds of businesses and individuals all looking for the same thing: to be heard.

It’s now become a full time job to comment, reply and communicate with bloggers, vloggers, tweets, FB status messages, forums, articles and so much more. The ways to communicate and get noticed are ever evolving. Even we can get overwhelmed (and we do this on a daily basis)!

So what are the three best ways to engage in order to get noticed?

1. Twitter

Twitter used to be simply about tweeting where you were and what you were doing through out the day. Now it’s about @’ing, retweeting and in general conversing. And that’s exactly what needs to be done. It’s perfectly fine to advertise yourself in between @’ing and retweeting, but no one will know you even exist if you don’t get your Twitter name out there. It’s suggested to send a friendly message to new followers.

2. Blogs/Articles

I put blogs/articles as number 2 since Twitter is microblogging and therefore a constant source through out the day to engage on a personal level. I also placed them together because this concept can work for both blogs and articles. Blog and article commenting is one of the most effective ways to get noticed. Simply posting on influential blogs or articles that are within your niche on a consistent basis, will begin labeling you as the authority. Be sure the comments are relevant and actually add to the story. Don’t simply post, “good blog, thanks”, this will garner you as a commenter, but not as an authority.

3. Facebook

Since Facebook is generally just for friends and close business relationships, it’s a smaller and more focused way to communicate. Unlike Twitter, Facebook status messages come at a much slower speed and it’s far easier to communicate with others. Commenting on status messages, wishing them a happy birthday, commenting inside fan pages, and commenting on walls, are all effective ways to communicate. It’s important to comment on others status’ and walls and fan pages as often as possible. Even just ‘liking’ a post gets you in their sights.

Now that you have some ideas on how to engage and get noticed, the next blog will touch on a few article and blog sites to find articles and blogs in your niche and begin your journey to engaging.