How to grow your business with a Virtual Assistant

We talked with Kate about her journey to becoming a successful online entrepreneur.

She’s a manager, a publisher, and a blogger, and we were talking about all the cool things that she is doing. She worked on a number of websites and you might say that she knows what she’s doing. She’s got multiple streams of income working for her and today we will talk how she has grown her business by hiring virtual assistants from the Philippines.

So Kate, thanks again for joining us today. What is your business about and what are the challenges? is a website that lists all GED preparation classes and testing centers across America, we also review online GED courses. It means that our people sign up for the course and follow the lessons. We asked our VA to follow the online GED lessons and then write a short review.

The GED program allows people without a high school diploma to obtain a comparable and generally accepted diploma. We have a huge database and new information is added almost every day. We also need to update the offered information in accordance with changing circumstances. Currently we list about 500 cities and their surrounding areas with an average of at least 10 GED preparation classes in each of them. Additionally, we review online GED classes, and if a new offer is on the market we take it for a “test drive”. We also scan the web for all sorts of new developments in education, psychology and personal development so we can help prospective students prepare for the GED test as stress free as possible.

It’s a very rewarding subject, but it requires a lot of work and we have a rather small team, so many times we worked too late and too much before we figured out that we need help. I heard a lot of good things about hiring virtual assistants from the Philippines so I tried a few websites that offer help in finding virtual assistants and, as you can guess, most of them turned out to be not helpful at all. But thanks to your website, today we work with two assistants from the Philippines, and we are very pleased with them.

I was able to outsource a lot of my own tasks and I went from working for 80 hours per week at my computer desk in my office to still working more than 50 hours per week, but only because I really like what I am doing, and now I am able to do all my things all over the place. Now I can work on my assignments more online, and I need to be in my office usually only two or three hours per day as opposed to nine or ten hours before.

As I said earlier, I started hiring my virtual assistants only two and a half months ago, but now I can already say that this has been a life changing experience for me. I guess that virtual assistants are not really the best solution for every company and for everybody, but if you want to expand your business while trying to save time and money, it might be the right ticket for you, and it will allow you to actually have more time for yourself. If your business is expanding rapidly, working with a virtual assistant or a web programmer or designer, is actually like dealing with an employee who is working under you. Finding the right assistants, and maximizing their efficiency has been really a life changing experience for me, and now I am able to do so many more other interesting things.



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