Mastery in personal development

We have also been examining what it takes to be a success in home Internet businesses. This post focuses on mastering what we have come to know as the ‘Slight Edge philosophy’.

Mastery in personal development. So you have started a work from home career and you have begun your personal development and you think how am I ever going to master this business?

Well, I have news for you if you have started a business opportunity, and you get to the point where you have become regular improvements then you have become a ‘master’. Bear in mind that today, earning your MBA degree has become much cheaper due to online developments.

The key to this is to change your concept of a ‘master’ as someone who is all knowing. This is especially the case in the areas of personal development and ways to succeed at improving your income. According to George Leonard in Mastery he gives the following quotation which I think is very powerful:

“But mastery is not reserved for the super-talented or even those who are fortunate enough to have gotten an early start. It’s available to anyone who is willing to get on the path and stay on it – regardless of age, sex or experience.” G. Leonard, Mastery

Will you be a master?

So mastery is about making the choice and then staying on the path and doing what is needed to be successful, again a simple choice just ‘to be different’.

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A leap into home Internet businesses

In this article, I will explore the myth that to be a success in home Internet businesses you need to take a giant leap. This idea has come from the belief a lot of people have that success comes from a massive breakthrough. There are millions of people using the lottery as one of their ways to earn extra money. This is on the basis their ’ship must come in’.

The lottery as one of the ways to earn extra money

Well here are two interesting statistics about the lottery. Over 90% of the winners are back at the income they had before winning the lottery within 5 years. Secondly, you never hear of someone who is successful winning the lottery. So the lottery is a poor route to go because you have unearned all the money. Your ship arrived and you simply are prey to every piece of bad advice going and end up spending your money because you still have an ‘employee mindset’. After all, that’s what you do now you earn your salary and spend your money, you are never taught the importance of investment.

Successful people have learned the importance of investment to achieve success. So rather than spend that $1 twice a week on the lottery they would think why not just put it in a savings account? In a year that’s $104 without interest, guaranteed. How many millions of lottery players are a guaranteed $104 better off by simply doing nothing but making an easy choice?

Home Internet businesses and miracles

One of my favorite quotes in The Slight Edge is from the film Bruce Almighty where Morgan Freeman (playing God) says to Jim Carey, “You want a miracle? Be the miracle”. I have read that several times and it’s so true. There are no miracles waiting for you, you are a miracle because you made it this far.