Must-Knows About the Filippino culture and your VA

How to understand the Filippino culture

– The majority of the Filipinos respect their employers highly. Filipinos always would like to give their employers good impressions and they work really hard to do so. A problem might be that when you ask them to do something they are not capable of, or something that they don’t understand, they often are too embarrassed to ask. The reason why? They are a bit ashamed, and do not want to give you the idea that there is something they cannot do.

They think that asking a question, even if it is just for explanation, could mean that they’re not fit to do the job. So always remember, when you ask your workforce to do an assignment for you, to end your email request with a sentence like “if there is something you would like to ask concerning this task, please don’t hesitate to ask.”

– Answer your workers’ emails as quickly as you can. Nearly all employers require their employees always to be available for contact, and that is their right, without a doubt. Working from home doesn’t give them the freedom to be absent from their work for the whole day and report to duty only when they feel like it. Home-based work must be treated similarly to conventional jobs, it even results in a greater sense of accountability.

– Employees will not likely tell you this, but on their side, workers also wish that their employer are readily available whenever they need him. If an employee sends you his completed work, for instance, he undoubtedly expects to get your remarks and/or suggestions within no less than a day. If you won’t do this, worker might be concerned that you don’t appreciate his work, or worse that you are fraudulent. So when you start out with your work relationship, you really should make clear to your employee how often you are in the position to communicate with him. What would help is to set a specific time, everyday or every week, to get in touch with him or assess his work. Doing this may also improve your collaboration, particularly if you would like to keep your employee for a long period of time.

– Pay your good employees well. If you believe that you have the best employees and if you want to continue to work with them, pay them the salary they are worth. If you don’t, these people will constantly try to find better paying jobs and as soon as they find these jobs, they will leave you without even saying goodbye.

– Be gentle with your workers. Many Filipino workers stick to their jobs because their boss treats them fair. This rule might be the most important to remember, as these employees are very sensitive. There have been situations that even the slightest hint of impoliteness scared them away, so please be kind to your workers. Even when you are only corresponding via emails, be aware of the tone of your remarks to ensure that your workers don’t get the feeling that you’ are too bossy.

Doing work for employers from different countries is not only offering the people from the Philippines the chance to improve their capabilities and accomplish their best potential, it is also a great strategy to discover a lot of great things about other civilizations and cultures. You can expect that this sort of  work relationship benefits international employers and workers as well.