OMG blog – Tip->nothing is new…

We all know that to be successful, you need to learn how to write copy for your OMG blog. You need to discover how to really tap into your target audiences pain, show them you understand and offer them solutions. It is all about capturing emotions and encouraging people to buy from you, isn’t it? But watch out…nothing is new!

Yes, of course, you want people to buy and yes, of course, you want to make money and, if you are a  great person with a great product or service, then you absolutely MUST get that message out there and help many others to achieve their dreams and create success too.

And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that – because if you are in business, then you have a duty to help others with your products and services and you have a duty to yourself to make money too, because no money, no business!

But when does good marketing turn sour? When does creating a sales page become a matter of cloning yourself and becoming a copy of everyone else out there?

As I am writing this post I feel physically sick and fed-up of marketing and just want to scream!

I just came across a sales page written by – who knows who, but the lady on the sales page offering her brand new virtual program is someone I know, have met and someone that I also know has NOT written the sales page herself. Well, if you can’t do it yourself, hire a Virtual Assistant! It has the look and feel of an internet marketer and looks just like the last one I closed in my browser with a shiver running down my spine!

Reading a page of text that might as well have been written by the same person as the last one I looked at.  Reading a page full of creatively written hyped text that has a smattering of truth in it, and a whole host of well-written copy that has been learned, that comes from a textbook or by a “smart copywriter”, is devoid of the real personality of the person offering the product or service and feels staged, with no natural flow, no passion or real emotion that you know the person whose page it has inside of them, is heartbreaking and screams clone, BS, Hype at me.

It also makes me really sad to see someone who has had to pick up these ways of promoting themselves and making sales. This is something so totally different than, for example, writing a thesis statement for your research work.

Now I know there is a “standard” layout you should use and you have to have x number of bullets in a well-written sales page and I know that you have to give social proof, and let people know why they should even bother to listen to you, you have to let them see you know your stuff and you can help them get the results they really want.

 You have to get into the minds of your buyers and give them a reason to want to click that button and take action – Boom woohoo they have bought your course, your book, your services, they are coming to your amazing life-changing event!

But do you have to change your persona, create a page that looks like you swiped it from someone else, follow the exact format and trends everyone else in the market is using? No, of course not and if you need to energize your life, be aware that it’s all about learning and getting a decent education. No matter what you want to achieve in life!

Do you have to turn your sales page into a clone of everyone else online, create a look and feel of “same old same old” And another perhaps more important question is – do you as a buyer really buy into all the crap that is being sent your way – do you really think that everyone is fantastic and the king of xx or the queen of xx. It took me a while to become the Social Media Virtual Assistant I am today and do you really believe the claims on these cloned pages that tell you the person is “The worlds number one coach” and similar claims……..?

  • Yes, of course, learn how to write great copy
  • Yes, of course, learn how to attract your potential clients and customers through your sales page
  • Yes, of course, position yourself as the next thing to sliced bread

But please, be YOU; get that across in your sales page. Show the people you are not “just another” clone following the crowd and copycatting sales pages just to make a sale. We are in a new era of social, of getting out there and showing people who you are, being honest and being YOU – because, after all, that is who people want to buy from not a plastic doll or phony sales letter!

My question to you is do you love these long tail sales letters, do you want to see more of these or would you rather see people start being creative and change the way they sell online, would you rather see some new layouts and styles, some creative ideas hitting the paper and your eyes?