Effective Sales Promotion Methods

The best CPA networks and affiliate paying sites have enough affiliate offers as well as affiliate marketing options to make their head spin. Most affiliate businesses have a wish list longer than Santa Clause’s  to choose affiliate marketing strategies from:

    • pay per view (PPV)
    • pay per click (PPC)
    • cost per action (CPA)
    • email submits
    • Facebook ads
    • Facebook apps
    • Rebill / free trial
    • real time bidding exchanges
    • Mobile marketing
    • Twitter

    As time progresses, many affiliate networks may have already found that several of these techniques to promote an affiliate offer have become outdated. Now affiliate programs have the ability to reset the hands of time and put their affiliate network in front of fresh eyes – marketing to India.

    Indian traffic for affiliate paying sites is a potential multi-million dollar mint for your affiliate business. If you want any idea of just how big the Indian market is – just consider the fact that India has the second largest population in the world. There are over 1.2 billion people in India alone, and dating ads and many CPA affiliate offers are still opportunities that many people in the Indian market are unfamiliar with.
    Broadening your affiliate programs to cash in on the Indian market needs to be a priority because not only is there plenty of low-priced items to market through your affiliate business – but many people in India are just getting on the Internet for the very first time. The financial opportunity is unbelievable.

    Check back tomorrow for Part 2 of: “Is India the Next Affiliate Marketing Goldmine?” where we will get you started in the Indian market by learning about one of their leading affiliate networks.
    The beauty of this video for an affiliate business to benefit from is that it walks you through the basic understanding of what Pinterest is and what Pinterest is used for, while it also showcases a direct track towards pinning images with your affiliate link embedded into them.
    A CPA network should totally understand the correlation between Pinterest and their own affiliate paying site because they both use clickable images to garner engagement from potential customers. Generating traffic to CPA networks can become fun and creative with this visually-based social network that is beginning to “pin-etrate”  the affiliate marketing industry.

    Affiliate marketing is wholly dependent on the generation of traffic towards your affiliate paying website. A CPA affiliate business needs to engage potential customers with the affiliate offers that they are being promoted, and if Twitter traffic is not part of your process – your affiliate network will drastically suffer.

    Twitter is a social network that can be tailor-made to revolve around any subject, product, service – or affiliate program – that you choose to utilize Twitter for. In this sense, affiliate businesses can utilize their Twitter page as their front page news source for the best CPA networks that they follow on Twitter, networking with others in the affiliate marketing industry, and providing links to quality content from their own affiliate business.

    Affiliate network sites may want to also directly provide links to the affiliate offers that they are currently promoting to get the traffic heading directly to the offer itself. Whatever decision that CPA affiliate networks use, Twitter traffic can bring their affiliate business to the attention of hundreds or even thousands of interested Twitter followers.

    The beauty of Twitter traffic is that these individuals chose to follow the Twitter page of your affiliate business. Therefore, they are interested – so keep them interested with links to new content, comments on their tweeted information, and some sincere networking dialogue.

    In order to use Twitter to send some exciting traffic to the affiliate programs you are involved in, obviously, you need to know how Twitter works. After watching this Twitter tutorial – your affiliate paying site will soon be taking advantage of all that great Twitter traffic – just like the best CPA networks have been doing for years.