How reading a lot of blogs helps your business

I spend a great deal of time reading blogs within my niche and so should YOU!

Why the heck should I read blogs?!

Very good question! The answer comes in a few parts:

1. Authority

The more you read and comment on relevant blogs within your niche, the more you’ll be known as the authority. I have had many people message my on FB or send me a DM on Twitter because they saw my relevant and detailed reply to a particular blog post. They must have realized I knew what I was talking about since they decided to contact me, right?

2. Recognition

You might be thinking ‘authority’ and ‘recognition’ are the same thing, but they aren’t. Well, not totally. What I mean by recognition is when the owner of the blog themselves notices you and approaches you about one thing or anything. Maybe they want you to be a guest blogger, or cross promotion or maybe they want to elicit your services. Point is, if you can grab the attention of the owner of the blog, then you must have been leaving awesome comments!

3. Link Backs

When you comment on a blog that allows dofollow and link backs (or comment luv) then each time you put your website into the ‘website’ field of your comment, Google recognizes that as a link back to your website. Blogging has been proven to be one of the most effective tools of creating back links to your site. As long as the blog you’re commenting on is relevant to your website, then Google will eat your back links and rank you hire.

CAUTION: DO NOT and I repeat DO NOT be a spammer! The comments you place on blogs MUST be relevant and MUST add to the conversation in some way. Simply saying ‘good post’ is NOT going to cut it. Well, let me rephrase, the comment might be approved, but you’ll be marked as a spammer to everyone who sees it, therefore defeating the purpose of commenting to gain exposure.

Another way to be a spammer is to do nothing but promote your business and then link to your site in the comment. Example:

“My company is awesome because we do that exact same thing that you mentioned and we’re better cause it’s my company and do you want to find out more? Well I can definitely help you so click the link below so that I can help you be awesome like me.

Ick. People DO notice spammers. They’ll even reply to the spammers comment and call them out on it.


Let’s all be like Knives and read a blog not just because of the added benefits laid out above, but because this is our niche and we love what we do and we love to read other people’s blogs on the same subjects.

Are you currently applying any of the above techniques or will you any time soon? Let me know! I’d love to hear your experience or hope to get started.