Six Good Reasons To Employ Virtual Assistants From The Philippines

On more occasions we have encouraged you to outsource your work to the Philippines, and hire online (virtual) assistants in that country. But why should you opt for the Philippines and why should you hire Filipinos?

We have satisfactory experience with employing virtual assistants from the Philippines, and here we will reveal a few good reasons you may consider. We seriously think that the Philippines is among the best countries to outsource your work to, and why do we think that?  Well, here are a few good reasons:

–        Filipinos are among the best English-speakers in Southeast Asia, maybe even in the whole of Asia. From 1898 up to 1946, the Philippines was American-governed territory, and the country was the basis for American air and naval installations until the year 1991. So you will understand that the country is seriously impacted by American routines, language and culture. English is the main language at official institutions and in schools. Without any effort you can find people who speak English very well, and without any significant native accent.

–       Most people from the Philippines are well-educated. University education in the Philippines is comparatively inexpensive and because Philippinos are not able to secure a good job in their country unless they have graduated with a college degree, many students complete their college education. The educative and academic standards in the Philippines are high, very competitive, and in line with most other developed countries. Actually, the Philippines has seen an increase of international students from nearby Asian countries such as Korea and China.

–        People from the Philippines really love to please other people, sometimes even too much. Philippinos tend to place the needs of other people over their own needs. If, for example, they have guests in their house, they always give the the best room to their guests. Their guests will have the best linen, and they themselves don’t mind if  they have to sleep on the floor. Really, Philipinos are unusual in that way, and maybe their  ancestors hammered this attitude into their subconscious minds.

Philippinos reserve the finest china for their guests and use inexpensive, normal tableware themselves on a regular basis. What matters is that if you hire a virtual assistant from the Philippines, they really will carry out the things you ask them to do, and they will do this to the best of their capabilities, as they would like to please you as much as they can.

–       Philippinos are extremely loyal. If you treat your virtual assistants from the Philippines well, you will discover that you have hired a staff member who is ready to work together and stay with you for as long as they can. You will see that if you hire a Philippino, your turnover per worker will increase, and your employment cost will be lowered seriously.

–        People from the Philippines have an understanding of Western business procedures. Business procedures in the country are very comparable to Western business methods and procedures. Although this might seem a little strange, after having been under American rule for some 50 years, this actually should not be really surprising, and the country’s accounting and legal systems are comparable to American models as well.

–        Philippinos have lower salaries. One of the best reasons to employ a Philippino is the very low price tag. A full-time employed assistant has in the Philippines an average salary of between $350-600 per month. This as such is enough reason for outsourcing a lot of work to this country. The average cost of living for Philippinos is substantially below the cost of living in our country, and for as long as that remains to be the case, the wages in the Philippines will be lower as well.

The lower wage level enables Americans and American companies to hire workers at less costly rates while at the same time allowing Philippinos to get hold of better incomes compared to typical earnings in the Philippines. It is our objective to support Philippinos in getting well-paying jobs, and to assist Americans with building more successful businesses. We really would like to contribute to improving the lives of every person who is using our website.