How my VA helps with the research

Hi, my name is Lindsey, and together with my partner I operate a small website.  Our site is concentrating on listing MBA programs and on interviewing mostly MBA professors. This means that I need to do quite some homework before I can interview one of these education leaders. It takes a lot of time to research each of these persons, and I need to learn everything about the school they lead and how they do that. At times I am required to read more than 30 pages.

I had the assumption that by using the services of a virtual assistant I would be sort of cloning myself, and that I could allow myself to really work every day for 24 hours because the person I work with is from the Philippines: when I’m working he is sound asleep and vice versa.

My Filipino VA (virtual (online) assistant) is called Michael, and he really is amazing. When I get out of bed most of the basic work has been done, and I can focus on my interviews for the rest of the day. My virtual assistant has seriously influenced my life in a most positive way.

For those who are thinking about starting to work with a VA, I want to explain how they can seriously maximize the output from their virtual assistant and how they can keep this important relationship strong.

Everybody considering the help of a VA should understand what sort of work a specific VA can do, and how this can benefit you. Nowadays the idea of a VA is so much broader accepted than seven or eight years ago when the phenomenon first started to hit the market. It is fair to say that initially, Tim Ferriss made the Virtual Assistant into an enormous phenomenon with his book The Four Hour Work Week, but these people had been doing these kinds of jobs already long before he published that book. We should acknowledge that a Virtual Assistant is something totally different than a Personal Assistant (PA).

A VA works entirely online, interaction goes by using the internet, and you cannot just send your VA out to get your office supplies, pick up your dry cleaning or ask him to make you a cup of coffee. So to speak, a VA is not at arms’ length. But the phenomenon of the VA has gradually been accepted, and they can perform all kinds of assignments. Sure many people have an objection to hiring the virtual assistant but it’s understandable too.

They can be very helpful when it comes to SEO work, and the creation of content for your sites is something that can be outsourced very well. They can help you with social media, niche research, optimization of your pages and all that kind of work. The term Virtual Assistant today implies that you can hire somebody online to do all the work that you don’t necessarily need to do by yourself, allowing you to concentrate on what you are best at. To everybody thinking about employing a Virtual Assistant I would say: go ahead, get some good advice, and hire assistance that you will greatly profit from.