Hiring a VA to get more family time

My name is Fiona I have many websites, my recent project is an MBA schools guide, a website where I feature some of the best B schools.

it’s a website about and a lot of work in creating my online empire is very, very time consuming. One of the things that keeps me busy is keyword research is one of them. Actually I got  addicted to keyword research because it is fun but it takes up so much time….You can spend weeks doing keyword research and consider thousands of keywords looking for the golden one, and still having issues with finding the right ones. I have a lot of searches but relatively low amounts of competition in the first page of Google.

It was taking me too much of my time, and I was spending hours each day going through different keywords, looking at relative keywords and going through the search numbers. It’s a very scientific method for those of you who don’t know, but it is something that you can outsource because it’s all based on numbers.

So I decided to employ a Virtual Assistant to help me with my research. I provide the criteria that I want to be used for finding keywords, and let my Virtual Assistant go at it and come back to me in a week or two days depending on the list of things that meet those criteria.

Then I go from there and build a website. So the virtual assistant does the keyword research, even registering domain names, tracking down and comparing hosting companies, and looking for blog things. Tweeting those blog things, testing different graphic designers out, even order a logo through 99designs.com.

Then my virtual assistant sets up social media campaigns for me and run them. Again these are all things that probably I’d do myself but if we can outsource that work to our virtual assistants and focus on the things that are a lot more important to us, we can spend more time with our families. That is right at the top of my priority list, and I better focus on marketing and selling my business than running it. I don’t run my company. I get people to do that for me. I market it and I sell it. That’s what I do.

There are certain things that I would not outsource like writing posts for my website. Research is a different story and can be outsourced, but the actual content always comes from me.