Virtual Assistant Resume and Skills

Virtual Assistant services include project management, customer relationship management, customized e-mail marketing campaigns, research and analysis, productivity enhancement, reporting, presentations, word processing, and other virtual office services. Virtual Assistant Resume and Skills are key elements.

So in general, Virtual Assistant Skills should include well-rounded organizational and communication competencies as well as a high level of computer- and keyboarding competencies. So let’s dig a little deeper in the Virtual Assistant Resume and Skills.

Additionally, the services of a virtual assistant may include small business web design and web hosting including your website’s redesign and web maintenance. So well-developed designing and affinity with the world of online communications and practices are absolutely required.

Generally, virtual assistants provide all types of outsourced administrative support and internet services for small and medium-sized businesses, business travelers, and entrepreneurs. Many entrepreneurs use these services for special projects, or to provide an off-site supplement to their staff when needed.

Virtual Assistant can create and maintain your WordPress blog

Bright, uncomplicated and professional virtual support for your WordPress blog is as close as your mouse or keyboard! Use an eco-friendly virtual assistant service to help you:

  • Install a WordPress blog
  • Set up hosting for your WordPress blog
  • Create or maintain a MySQL database
  • Direct a domain name to your blog
  • Install WordPress plugins and widgets on your blog
  • Back up your WordPress blog
  • Maintain your RSS feeds
  • Manage your online reputation
  • Email blog posts as newsletters
  • Add images to your blog
  • Connect with social media
  • Monitor performance metrics and stats using tools such as Google Analytics
  • Customize your WordPress blog template

Let your VA take care of your WordPress blog

People love WordPress blogs because they are so powerful.  Do you know how to back up your blog?  What about plugins – which ones are safe and best for your WordPress blog? Many entrepreneurs use WordPress but need to work on their business rather than worry about the upkeep of their blog and its infrastructure.  Every day, virtual assistants help you with items such as:

  • Upgrade a WordPress blog to the current release
  • Install or upgrade plugins and widgets
  • Monitor, filter and banish spam from blogs
  • Evaluate the safety of add-ins for your blog
  • Track stats and performance of blog posts

Most virtual assistants deliver their virtual professional services on both the Mac and Windows platform. Whether you are a Mac user or a PC user, they can help you with your WordPress blog while freeing you to work on your high payoff activities. You may even hire your VA from the Philippines. Read more here.

Social Media, Blog and Web Site Support

Virtual assistant services will support your internet marketing efforts. You can use it for:

  • Creating, maintaining or updating your blog. VAs specialize in WordPress and Blogger Blogs
  • Blog installation, including MySQL database creation
  • Installing or updating plugins for your blog to extend its functionality
  • Backing up your blog data and optimizing your Facebook presence
  • Online reputation management
  • Creating or maintaining your microblogs and social media identities such as Twitter, Facebook, FriendFeed, Plurk, Tumblr, Jaiku,, Swurl, Tabber

Internet Research

Virtual assistants can very well do your internet research, freeing you to work on higher payoff activities. They can also track, manage, and report on metrics from your website or blog, including Google Analytics reports and basic analysis of performance.

Email Marketing

Use virtual assistants to help you send online newsletters, email newsletters, email marketing campaigns, social email marketing & autoresponders, or do it yourself in minutes.  Leverage their experience and research to create compelling email newsletters in minutes at a very low cost.

Let A VA’s Experience Help Support Your Online Efforts

Social media, new media, blogging, websites, and email marketing are rapid and low-cost methods to help you market your business.  Leverage a VA’s experience to help you make the most of your online marketing efforts.

Working in the Virtual World: Virtual Office Jobs

Many businesses are now being conducted in the virtual world. Time differences across continents, physical placement of offices in far-flung cities, problems of commuting to and from offices, the necessity of keeping to inflexible office hours, etc all have come to nil with the advent of the virtual office jobs.

Virtual assumes similarity, but virtual is also a similarity with a difference. Thus the virtual world is similar to our world with some differences. For example, concreteness is the basic attribute of the real world, while abstractness and symbols are the building block of the virtual world, also in the Philippines. However, it has to be noted that the abstract symbols of the virtual world stand in the place or for the actual concrete items that exist in the real world.

For example, the virtual world is peppered with offices. These offices are not housed in multi-storied sky scrappers. They do not have postal addresses; they do not have rooms, furniture or lights and fans. However, the virtual offices are situated in domains that are similar to any location, in a skyscraper building in any big city.

The virtual office does not keep to standard office timings. They work according to the needs of the clients who may be situated in a different time zone. However, virtual office jobs have the advantage of being extremely flexible. Since many of the virtual office jobs are being done from the comfort and luxury of the person’s own home or even from the privacy of his bedroom, the need to keep to office hours is practically nonexistent.

But at the same time, most virtual office jobs keep a window of availability always open. They prescribe for themselves a set of hours – often determined in local time – when, what may, the virtual office will be open.

Another striking feature of virtual jobs is the absence of accounting and paper jobs in conventional terms. Virtual offices are practically paperless and the work is transmitted by email. The accounting is also done using modern software where instead of real money accounts are monitored and transacted. Phillipino VAs know that. 

In fact, in most virtual offices, work itself is symbolic in nature. For example, the virtual office may prepare a worksheet in Excel and it is only the electronic version that is sent to and used by the client. So, the virtual world is different from the real world in that it is to a large extent abstract and symbolical.

Thus, the virtual office jobs are a new improvement in the job market that offers the aspirant a chance to work in a world that is similar but different.