Virtual Assistant Certification and Salary Potential

Being a virtual assistant or a VA as it is called is an interesting proposition. I say interesting because; it lets you be a master of yourself. You will have to plan your job and execute the job so it’s important to learn more about Virtual Assistant Certification and Salary potential.

It allows you to be like an entrepreneur without the risks involved. That makes it all the more attractive. So let’s look at the Virtual Assistant salary possibilities. Let me give you more details after this video where a VA explains her work.

Every virtual assistant works for someone or other. Most often they are on a regular pay scale as if they are working at an office. But then, they will be working from the comfort of their homes. You get your salary every month as if you have walked in and worked at an office.

You will be able to take care of all those minor chores that you need to. At the same time, complete all your office responsibilities either during the daytime or when you are free in the night.

Why should a company allow you to work from home and pay a salary? Why should they give you freedom of choice? Is it that you alone gain and the company does not?

No, the company also stands to gain a lot. You do not make use of the infrastructure in the company. You do not make use of the office facilities for your working. That is a major saving for most of the companies.

Secondly, the companies will have the work completed by you either during the office hours or after the office hours. By allowing you to take your own convenient time for executing the work, they are making it all the more stringent for you to complete the job! That makes the proposition better for the company. There are many other interesting gains for the company apart from these important two.

As far as you are concerned, the proposition will be a success only if you as a virtual assistant complete the jobs assigned to you, often social media jobs, on time, every time. If not, you will find the company getting disappointed with you and over a period of time you could be out of their good books. In many cases, the company will try you out for a week or two before logging you on a regular pay scale. In which case, you might be on a contract basis.

How much can a Virtual Assistant make, on average?

You need to be well-disciplined and ensure that you do the jobs without fail and take up only those that you can do. Leadership skills and self-discipline virtues that prove highly beneficial. So let’s see what the average salary of a Virtual Assistant is. Well, it depends, of course, where the VA is located. If you hire a VA from the Philippines, the average monthly will range anywhere from $300 to$1000 depending on their qualifications and skills. You will understand that a computer programmer earns a higher salary than a data entry specialist, but the salaries are within the above-mentioned range in the Philippines.

If you want to hire an American Virtual Assistant, the salary is usually by the hour and the average hourly rate in 2018 was in the $15 to $29 range, of course depending on skills and further qualifications. Be aware, though, that if you need a VA for more responsible positions, you will have to furnish considerably more. Indeed states on their website that on average, the hourly salary for a U.S. Virtual Assistant is $16.58.

Be a time-conscious virtual assistant

One of the reasons why very many people opt to take a career path of a virtual assistant is because of the very enticing concept of being able to work and earn a living right in the comforts of your home.

Unfortunately, this can become a problem if you start getting distracted in the home setting. That’s not far from possible, after all, since you will be working where you are surrounded by everything you have. But the endless series of distractions can be easily ignored by developing a practice of self-imposed rules to avoid them. See also this post with seven productivity tips for Virtual Assistants.

  1. Make a work schedule. Being a virtual assistant is just like any other job in the sense that it needs a work schedule. So make one and stick to it. Try to fix the time in a way that it doesn’t get in the way of the other important things you do in the day too like chores and taking care of children at home, if there are any. It doesn’t have to be continuous; it just has to be fixed.
  2. Answer the phone wisely. Don’t always answer the phone. Chances are, they are less likely to be important than otherwise, so they won’t be worth answering when you are working. Leave it to the answering machines or filter your calls with a caller ID. If people wonder why you’re not answering their calls then you can just tell them that you were “at work”
  3. Control your email. In fact, control every incoming message account you have for that matter. Since you’re working on the internet you’ll probably be tempted to check your email every ten minutes because of the notifications that pop out on your desktop. Setting your email to collect messages every hour or so helps you avoid that.
  4. Have a fixed response time. Most clients think that virtual assistants are available 24/7, and that’s not good if you are actually not. Tell your clients when you are available and convert that schedule to their time zone or you can try giving them a fixed period of time when you can respond to their calls or messages.
  5. Relax. One of the reasons why you get distracted easily is because your mind might be tired from all that work. So to energize your life, schedule a time for relaxation and follow it for your own good.

Just follow these steps and your virtual assistant days will be distraction free!