How to promote a small business website and a blog

Commenting on blogs is a great way to gain exposure for your site, but are you getting the most benefit from your time? A good comment is going to send traffic to your site while a bad comment will get deleted or ignored. Follow these tips and you’ll be commenting like a pro.

Be part of the community

Don’t be a drive-by commenter. Find top blogs in your industry and subscribe to their RSS feed, (tip make use of Feedly app) Make yourself a usual. Think Cheers, the TV show from the 80’s. Every time Norm walked through the door he got a hearty shout from the rest of the bar. He was popular because of his regular engaging conversation. Do the same!

Get a Gravatar

I’m really bad with names, and so are most people. But, I’ll never forget a face. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Gravatars they are user images that are tied to an email address. When you leave a comment with the email it posts your pic.

Your gravatar should be friendly and welcoming. No pics of you with bed head, screaming, or holding you favorite beer. To brand yourself and your site you can also add the name of your site to the image.

Introduce yourself

No one like to ask for someone’s name. Let the world know who you are. Don’t use keywords for your name. This is tacky and will make your message look like spam. Besides who wants to have a conversation with someone named “fast dirt bikes”.

You can use your site name in addition to you real name. Most sites will allow this, but take a look around at the other posted comments to know for sure.

Don’t use a nickname

Unless you have the strong personality to pull off a nickname stick with your real name. It’s OK for your friends in the real world call you Stinky, but the rest of us would like to know who you are.There is a trend on the internet to step away from the supposed anonymity of aliases and just be yourself.

Engage, engage, engage

OK, so this was covered earlier, but it is the most important thing that you can do. Engage the blogger and other blog commenters. Ask questions, add to the conversation, and politely tell everyone if you disagree and why.

Some blogs will let you subscribe to the comments. Come back and add more to the conversation.

A few common sense items

  1. Check your grammar and spelling.
  2. Reread your comment before you post.
  3. Be polite and friendly. Don’t forget what your mom taught you.
  4. Reread again.

This isn’t an all encompassing list, but a good place to start.