Writing an eBook with help from a VA

My name is Patricia, I employed a virtual assistant from the Philippines in order to help me develop my eBook that I would like to offer for sale on Kindle.

It was my plan to produce a 50-page eBook, and it would have already taken me hours, if not days, to design a cover, not forgetting all of the research and writing, formatting and so on.

In my regular life, I am a consultant, and I can charge anything between $150 to $250 per hour depending on my customer, so this gives you an idea the amount of money that I might be earning by doing something else, my regular job.

Consequently, I planned to outsource the majority of these assignments. Doing all these tasks to get the book ready would have taken me many, many hours, and to be honest, I’m not an expert in graphic design or anything else in that field. Fortunately, I found 2 VAs, and through them a good graphic designer.

I literally (but of course virtually), handed him a number of pictures and graphics that I wanted to be used in the book, but actually, I only gave him a concept, not even an image. I gave him the concept for the front cover and I provided him with an idea of the content.

That was all he had, the written content in a few words, and a single image for the looks. The probably most important leveraging side of any entrepreneur is the factor time, and by hiring somebody who can do all these tasks for me, the idea is that I have a lot of time for my actual work, and that is bringing me my income.

Money is something you can actually make, whereas time, once you’ve spent it, is gone forever. As a business person, you need to ensure that you leverage your time properly. Regardless of whether you operate an online or an offline business, you must manage your time effectively and that includes everything from dealing with your email to either outsourcing tasks to employees. The time managing factor ultimately is the absolute number one priority for just about any entrepreneur.

I still look at plenty of business people struggling with this, and this is just a waste as these days you really don’t need to. We entrepreneurs are just a strange breed, and some of us clearly believe that we can do a lot of things by ourselves. In fact, it really comes down to what we feel we should be doing, instead of what we could be doing.